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PR Malina 2.0: Monitoring and Analysis of Data in One Tool

PR Malina is a media monitoring system with a client interface and a set of tools enabling users to process monitoring results and analyze data themselves. Users are offered online access to data which they can download in formats most suited to their needs and send out to lists of contacts they create in the system.

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Capabilities and Interface

All relevant information from cross-media channels can be found just on one main page.

You can also download data from the system (text, tables and figures) in a variety of formats (Excel, XML, PDF) to integrate them into your portal, intranet or website.

  • NewsBoard
  • Publications
  • Charts
  • Additional Capabilities
  • Export
  • 2.0 Analysis
  • Administration

There are three main tabs:

NEWS displays the results of queries based on pre-set parameters with filtering and sorting by date, media type, topic, etc.

Each new is available for editing, deletion and export. Users are also allowed to add separate news to the tab.

Use Search for news option for faster searching within the flow.


PUBLICATIONS display the breakdown of news by outlet with filtering capability available for each individual outlet.


CHARTS visualize data using default and custom settings. This tab is fully interactive, enabling users to create and upload their own charts for any period.

Additional Capabilities


Pin Boards – create pin boards to filter news using custom settings in both manual and automatic mode.

Saved Searches – save queries that you frequently use for faster searching.

Additional Capabilities


Export news in your preferred format (PDF, EXCEL, HTML and TXT) in Russian, English and German.

*HTML customization is available.

Dashboard - 2.0 Analysis


Create charts using custom settings to break down data by media type, geography, etc.*

*available for restricted media list.

Charts are interactive and allow viewing of each segment separately. PNG export is available.

2.0 Analysis


Choose your preferred color scheme, page view, review date, date type and grouping type settings.


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