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PR News contributes to AMEC Measurement Month 2021

PR News contributes to AMEC Measurement Month 2021 logo

On November 25, 2021, PR News, a communications research company, and Pressrelations, an international service provider for cross-media monitoring, analysis services and software solutions, hosted their first joint session called ESG transformation - Measuring new business narratives as part of AMEC Measurement Month 2021 to discuss environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and its long-term impact on business and communications.

The concept of running a business based of ESG values quite quickly emerged into a popular topic of discussion and started to influence the new reality, including in communications. The coronavirus pandemic, which remains front and center today, contributed greatly to the rising popularity of this theme. As a result, companies now increasingly attach more value to ESG in strategy planning. But ESG narratives are changing, too, in these turbulent times.

At the session, PR News and Pressrelations experts discussed aspects of ESG that influence reputation and how they can and should be analyzed and measured to assist stakeholders and investors with decision-making; as well as spotting and predicting themes emerging to dominate the agenda; things to pay special attention to when developing communication strategies (e.g. green-washing, difference between natural and artificial); and three levels of ESG knowledge.

PR News also shared findings from its latest survey on how ESG narratives influence the behavior of retail investors, and Pressrelations demonstrated the capabilities of its FirstSignals system – utilizing the company’s ESG media awareness measurement know-how - for tracking new progressive topics.