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Analysis of the Information Field

Media analysis can be a powerful marketing tool, opening up new opportunities for you and your business. Performed regularly, it enables you to get a good understanding of the market situation, track trends and PR activities of your competitors, and identify potential prospects. Even occasionally reading or watching news could reveal developments that directly affect your business. Imagine what could be achieved with your media coverage analyzed on a regular basis by professionals with extensive expertise in the area

Our Advantages

More than 10 years of experience
in media monitoring and analysis
Own archive
of glossy and specialty periodicals (over 400 publications)
International client service
and in-house English translation
International standard of service
and extensive expertise
Customized media lists
formats and delivery schedules
Fast service
monitoring services available the day after confirmation
Monitoring of all types
of media in Russia & CIS
Special prices
for FIBEP members

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Regular media monitoring is an important marketing tool but the data collected needs expert analysis. PR News offers a full range of media analysis services, from newsletters to comprehensive PR studies.

We offer the following analyses:

  • overview of traditional and social media including tracking of trends and brand perception among consumers and professional communities;
  • press release monitoring (press release-generated coverage);
  • crisis monitoring;
  • media audit;
  • competition analysis;
  • communications audit;
  • social media audit;
  • stakeholder mapping;
  • campaign analysis;
  • media image of an object, company or person;
  • KPI analysis.

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