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AMEC Month

Every fall AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) and its members worldwide participate in AMEC Measurement Month, a global endeavor to popularize methods of communications measurement developed by the association. As part of this educational effort, AMEC members host online and offline events on regional and local levels to tell and show how the latest methods to measure communications work.

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Roundtable «Measurement Maturity Mapper: How to Measure PR?»

On November 20, 2019, PR News held its first offline event as part of AMEC Measurement Month. The roundtable titled “Measurement Maturity Mapper: How to Measure PR?” drew leading industry players to discuss AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper, a new diagnostic tool by AMEC gauging the maturity of measurement practices at companies and helping them plan measurement strategies that are best suited to their needs and metrics they use.

PR News polled representatives of 38 Russian companies specializing in electronics, technology, communications and other areas, asking them about measurement methods and techniques their companies use and their effects on business tasks and goals, whether the data received are used to adjust their communication policies, and whether there is a connection between their communications and global strategies. The discussion yielded the following conclusions:

  1. most measure communications for reporting purposes rather than planning;
  2. the right choice of measurement tools can help land a bigger PR budget;
  3. performance measurement offers a way to save the company money;
  4. measurement of communications is a must-do.

Speakers at the roundtable included PR heads of Ozon Maria Zaikina and Sovcombank Anton Zapolsky, strategic communications expert and former PR head of Megafon Northwest Kermen Mandzhiyeva, and head of PR for Russia and CIS at SAP Tatiana Zvereva. The discussion was moderated by Lilia Glazova, PR News CEO.

PR News AMEC Measurement Month Webinar «Reputation in the Digital Age»

PR News AMEC Measurement Month Webinar: Reputation in the Digital Age

Digital economy has been a global trend in the past few years, with various industries having to digitize to stay efficient and competitive. Digital technology is blurring the lines separating industries and markets as companies everywhere go digital to offer customers the complete experience. The level of technology and digitization is becoming a key factor in business and reputation.

On the other side, target audiences are shifting their expectations and preferences, changing requirements for companies. This webinar offers findings from reputation studies conducted in the past five years in industries including telecommunications, IT, insurance and finance. One of them, titled “Reputation of Telecom Companies in the Age of Digitization and Sharing Economy”, included interviews with more than 90 experts and over 2,000 consumers of telecom services. The webinar addresses shifts in classic reputation criteria and attributes of a digital company; customers, partners and peers’ requirements and expectations for companies and success factors; and things companies in different industries have in common.

PR News AMEC Measurement Month Webinar «Reputation Building: Numbers, Common Sense and a Bit of Insight Magic»

PR News AMEC Measurement Month Webinar: Reputation Building: Numbers, Common Sense and a Bit of Insight Magic, September 21, 2017

While making sure that brand communications, on the whole, achieve their goals, companies should never forget about all the steps involved in the process. PR News offers a tool called PR Malina for basic media monitoring and measurement. Reputation is the next level where reputation audit comes in to help companies enter a new market, expand business, find new niches, and search for insights to prepare further advances and resolve crises.

It accomplishes two key tasks of identifying reputational risks and unique competitive edges. At the final stage, business results of communications are evaluated but currently there is no one standard for how it can be done. This webinar explores measurement of business results with a case study of provocative communications used by Aviasales and their effect on its reputation and business. Metrics used in this case included traffic on the company’s website and shares of it coming from social media sites.

Ex Libris and PR News Webinar «AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework: An Overview for Russian-speaking PR Professionals»

Ex Libris and PR News Webinar: AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework: An Overview for Russian-speaking PR Professionals, September 22, 2016

This webinar addresses the roots and history of the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework, its key principles and use in Russian-speaking countries, and demonstrates its universality for planning PR strategies and campaigns, use as an analytical tool, and other purposes.

PR News Webinar «Analytical Markers of Successful Communication Strategies and Crisis Response»

PR News Webinar: Analytical Markers of Successful Communication Strategies and Crisis Response, September 29, 2016

This webinar presents an analysis of successful communications and crisis response strategies used by banks and internet providers to demonstrate methods and techniques – from common to rare – to communicate with target audiences, including multiplication, co-branding of companies and territories, and conflict gamification.

PR News and Ex Libris Webinar «PR Performance Management: Modern Standards and Practices»

PR News and Ex Libris Webinar: PR Performance Management: Modern Standards and Practices, September 15, 2015

Lilia Glazova, PR News CEO speaks about outputs, outcomes (effects on target audiences) and business results (added value) of communications and presents a model and tools for performance measurement in three key areas: coverage, effects on target audiences, and financial outcomes (their relevance was gauged with a poll of Russian PR professionals). She also shares findings from market research which served as basis for the updated AKOS Memorandum and traces the evolution of measurement tools between 2009 and 2015. Additionally, the webinar addresses the importance of comprehensive performance measurements with three case studies.

PR News Webinar: Performance Measurement for Event Campaigns «A Case Study of an AMEC Awards 2015 Winner»

PR News Webinar: Performance Measurement for Event Campaigns: A Case Study of an AMEC Awards 2015 Winner, September 29, 2015

This case study of a performance measurement model for international cultural events (the UK-Russia Year of Culture) which won AMEC Awards 2015 Bronze for Best Use of Measurement of a Single Event concluded the Russian series of master classes taught as part of AMEC Measurement Month 2015. PR News head of consulting, analysis and research Olga Bobrus speaks about events as a special genre of PR requiring outside-the-box thinking and unconventional approaches to research the likes of which were used for that particular project. The webinar also addresses key findings of a media analysis conducted for the UK-Russia Year of Culture, as well as universal principles of successful PR campaigns for events.

PR News and Ex Libris Webinar «What KPIs to Use for PR Measurement?»

PR News and Ex Libris Webinar: What KPIs to Use for PR Measurement?, September 17, 2014.

This webinar consists of two parts:

  1. approaches to and methods of PR performance measurement (Ex Libris);
  2. and PR performance measurement in specific industries (PR News).

Deciding which KPIs to use, PR professionals should also look at the industry they are dealing with and identify factors characteristic of the leaders’ media activity to use them in measurements and to adjust strategy. The choice of KPIs largely depends on the rules and principles governing the media environment. A tool called Reputation Rating Factor has proved effective in analyzing PR strategies and determining appropriate KPIs by studying media coverage of industry leaders and identifying two to three universal factors that have the most influence on the reputation. The use of this tool has showed that for each industry there are specific factors differentiating coverage of the leaders from that of the rest of the players. For industry-specific media audits, empirical evidence should be studied to identify the factors that best determine if the media policy works or not.