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Press Review

Press Review is a collection of coverage in open sources on a person/group of persons, company or event that helps get a detailed and comprehensive view of them. This is essential to keeping up with events and what caused them, and learning all about companies and persons.

Press Review is helpful in:

  • adding to existing analyses;
  • building media strategy;
  • selecting bloggers for collaboration;
  • digging up information on competition and partners before making deals;
  • holding PR events without wasting too much time and resources.

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How is it done?

We check all the stories concerning the subject, mentions, links and summaries in traditional media (print, online, TV and radio), as well as on social media, including networking sites and message boards, if necessary.

Then we pick the most relevant pieces of information and analyze them against your criteria to include in Press Review.

What does it look like?

As a result, you get the full report on the subject complete with clippings and an analysis. In other words, you are provided with a carefully researched file containing paper clippings, webpage screenshots, audio and video materials, statistics and analytics.

We can also compile a dossier on a person, somebody you plan to collaborate with in future, for example, offering the following information:

  • bio and contacts;
  • career history, achievements, membership in political parties, etc.;
  • interests and ideology;
  • competitors and partners;
  • published pieces (if the subject is a journalist);
  • third-party opinions and comments;
  • frequency and tone of media coverage and other important information.

On request, we can do it in any custom format to make it as comfortable as possible for you to work with it.