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Social Media Monitoring (Audit)

Social media is a form of public communication and a platform for consumers and other target audiences to express themselves freely, which makes it the most trustworthy source of information. Social media is not limited to social networks and also includes message boards, blogs, review sites and other outlets.

Monitoring of these outlets provides an effective tool to analyze consumer sentiment, monitor and manage reputational risks, and evaluate PR and marketing campaigns.

Our Advantages

More than 10 years of experience
in media monitoring and analysis
Own archive
of glossy and specialty periodicals (over 400 publications)
International client service
and in-house English translation
International standard of service
and extensive expertise
Customized media lists
formats and delivery schedules
Fast service
monitoring services available the day after confirmation
Monitoring of all types
of media in Russia & CIS
Special prices
for FIBEP members

Done on a regular basis, social media monitoring enables you to:

  • make prompt adjustments to your communication strategy when necessary;
  • react and respond to negative coverage and crises timely; and
  • be the first to bring new products and services to the market.

Not only does it offer you the latest updates on the market and preferences of your target audience, but also your competition’s activities, communication failures and successes. Having the full picture at all times, you save time and money trying to figure out on your own what sites you need to be present on, what consumers need right now, what content will work, and what bloggers you need for effective collaboration.

What media do we analyze?

We monitor and analyze the following social media:

  • blogs and micro-blogs (Livejournal, standalone blogs, Twitter, etc.);
  • social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki), both communities and open-access personal pages;
  • Telegram channels;
  • dedicated message boards, neighborhood and town forums;
  • photo and video sharing sites (YouTube);
  • review sites (iRecommend, reviews at internet stores and on Yandex.Market).

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How do we monitor social media?

First, we determine the task, platforms for monitoring, and metrics for analysis, the typical ones being:

  • number of mentions and changes in it;
  • audience size;
  • reach;
  • engagement;
  • tone;
  • characteristics of platforms, etc.

Our Awards

Gold AMEC 2021
AMEC team of the year 2021
SABRE Awards 2021
Eventiada IPRA, Silver Mercury
AMEC Awards 2020 Gold and Bronze
AMEC Awards 2017
Gold Quill 2016
AMEC Awards 2016
Digital Impact Awards 2015
AMEC Awards 2015
AMEC Awards 2014

Then we search partner databases for relevant content and download it for our analysts to select key pieces, study them and present the results in the convenient dashboard format to save you time poring over endless data so that you can concentrate on important things.

We use the PESO model to analyze owned and paid content separately from earned media. We use different KPIs for different types of content. If necessary, we can also analyze your social media presence compared to the competition.

PR News offers social media monitoring and analysis both as a separate service and packaged with other services. It can be done as a one-off project or on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, depending on your needs.