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We will draw up a technical specification for your task, develop a plan and select the optimal range of services.

Technical Resources

We use a range of tools and services to ensure quick and quality collection and analysis of media data. The choice of tolls depends on the task at hand and is made to make sure that the job is done in optimal time and at optimal cost. We offer access to more than 70,000 outlets for monitoring. In addition to bulk, we offer targeted monitoring including selected outlets and restricted media lists, CIS outlets, etc.

PR News is The Winner of

Our arsenal includes proprietary tools designed to monitor online outlets and social media, structure and store archive. We maintain an in-house archive of over 400 print publications in a variety of areas – with digital copies stored in our own database – to be able to offer the best quality of print media monitoring.

Our Advantages

More than 10 years of experience
in media monitoring and analysis
Own archive
of glossy and specialty periodicals (over 400 publications)
International client service
and in-house English translation
International standard of service
and extensive expertise
Customized media lists
formats and delivery schedules
Fast service
monitoring services available the day after confirmation
Monitoring of all types
of media in Russia & CIS
Special prices
for FIBEP members

We also offer monitoring of images in select top print publications. Media lists of Russian and CIS online and print outlets for monitoring can be provided free of charge.​

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