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News Coverage of the Day

News Coverage of the Day offers a short round-up of top news in a specific area or on a specific topic for a specific period of time. We monitor Russian and foreign media and put findings in one easy-to-navigate document. It could be an easy-to-read graph, a table, a rundown of news for the day or a combination thereof, or any graphical representation of information that you are comfortable to work with.

Why do you need it?

Following traditional and other media is vital to a business in general and, more specifically, to systemic marketing and PR activity. Being aware of what is going on enables you to identify potential reputational risks, take the situation under control, make the necessary adjustments, and adequately assess the results of your communications and whether they support your strategy. This needs to be done every day and it takes professional analysts up to eight hours of their work time and usually requires additional resources including paid subscriptions and access to various databases.

The News Coverage of the Day service we provide solves this problem. The report that rounds up key news for the day, week or month gives you access to custom media monitoring that answers your unique needs. With it you can:

  • get the latest update on an industry/market you are interested in, presented in a concise but convenient format;
  • follow the latest developments in the world, changes, new rules and emerging trends in an industry/market;
  • monitor who mentioned your brand in the media, both traditional and social, when and in what tone, and have mentions of your company compared with those of rivals in number and quality;
  • control your KPIs and PR performance (both in house and hired PR agencies);
  • round up the latest on politics, economics and social changes in an industry/market to report to the management and make your PR efforts more effective.

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How is it done?

To get each and every piece of news both in Russia and globally every day, we use automatic search algorithms and professional analysts. By combining the two, we are able to offer customized media monitoring. First we use automatic search algorithms to go over news databases, online and social media, television, radio and print publications. Such search is available in any language. Findings are sorted into categories including politics, economics, competitors, mentions of the company, etc. Then an analyst assigned to your account goes through this data to select relevant pieces of news and compiles a concise report which is delivered to you by e-mail.

We take care of monitoring endless news feeds, social media and other sources of information to spare you doing it by yourself every day and spending money on subscriptions. You can use this time to concentrate on what is really important for your business while we keep you abreast of all the latest news and events.