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Crisis monitoring

Crisis Monitoring is a tool to track potential media crises and follow them as they unfold. Crises can occur spontaneously (e.g. as a result of an accident at work or elsewhere) and can be engineered by third parties through scandal mongering, hostile campaigning and information war.

Monitoring of negative coverage and subsequent analysis of it help:

  • assess the extent of negative coverage;
  • identify the stage of the crisis: peaking, winding down or recurring;
  • predict risks;
  • get the latest updates and develop crisis strategy deciding which outlets to contact and how to react to the crisis.

All this helps minimize consequences of a crisis by making it as manageable as possible.

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How do we monitor crises in real time?

Crisis Monitoring is available in the following two formats which can be combined:

  • latest news report containing a rundown of key news items and their analysis. This format is best suited for one-time crises;
  • alerts on negative coverage (articles, posts and mentions in traditional and social media) that is subsequently analyzed and grouped by hand. This format is best suited to big brands and crisis monitoring on a regular basis.

A media crisis typically lasts 2-3 weeks. Monitoring its effects during the same period is only logical, so we monitor for developments 24/7 and deliver reports by e-mail daily or more frequently if needed.

As a result, you:

  • are kept regularly updated on how the crisis unfolds;
  • can follow the sentiment and tone of coverage;
  • identify sources of negative stories;
  • have potential reputational damage from harmful coverage assessed based on the level of influence of the outlets providing it and its tone, and receive recommendations on crisis management.

Thorough analysis of a crisis and a crisis strategy based on it help minimize negative effects for your business.