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Event Calendar

Event Calendar offers a carefully organized selection of industry events in Russia and abroad that reflects the scale of your operations. Such a guide helps:

  • plan your own events and schedule;
  • always have a list of industry events handy to be able to mark the most important ones;
  • plan and coordinate attendance at events, including by executives, in a timely fashion;
  • coordinate interaction and cooperation with partners.

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Also, with Event Calendar ready at hand, you always have the dates for key industry events and those held by your competitors, direct or otherwise, in front of you. This helps organize your own events effectively and effortlessly and so that they don’t overlap with other important dates and functions.

Event Calendar covers all events in the industry, including the biggest ones that are hard to forget as well as niche and new affairs, making it easier to plan PR and communication activities at conferences, shows and other events, and scout venues.

How is Event Calendar compiled?

First, together with you we determine the theme. Sometimes we do it without the client, guided by what is known about their business and related industries.

Next, we pore over open sources including websites related to your areas of operation, aggregators, websites of your competitors, trade associations, news agency feeds, etc. in search of information about planned events. And then we arrange them by date, scale and relevance.

Event Calendar contains information on all event formats including conferences, forums, summits, roundtables, awards, competitions, shows, festivals and concerts. We gather all the details, organize them in blocks for convenience, and put them in an easy-to-use and informative Excel table.

Each event on Event Calendar contains the name, date, venue, organizers with contact details, and a link to its website where you can get all the necessary details, apply, pay and register for it.

You determine how often you want to have your Event Calendar planned: every week, month, quarter or year. You can order it once in a while or get it on a regular basis.