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Media environment

Media environment analysis shows the stakeholders and other persons connected to your company/brand and how often it is mentioned in the media alongside them and in what context.

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Stakeholders fall into several groups:

  • parties to a project (organizers, executors, suppliers, investors, contractors, partners, experts);
  • consumers of the final product (users, customers);
  • entities interested in the project’s outcome;
  • competition and other entities not interested in the project’s outcome;
  • government agencies;
  • public organizations and other groups.

To compile an overview of stakeholders, we analyze various data, including media coverage. But that is not always enough to get the full picture and we use other tools for in-depth analysis, the choice of which depends on your needs and may include polls of different groups of stakeholders to understand their motives and behavior better.

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Why do you need to be aware of your media environment?

Comprehensive media environment analysis enables you to:

  • understand what outlets cover your company/brand and who speaks to them about it;
  • identify potential partners for collaboration;
  • see where stakeholders stand vis-a-vis your company, brand, project or speaker in terms of sentiment, as well as its degrees, loyalty, engagement, interest, their role in the matter discussed, motives and intentions.

Our Awards

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AMEC Awards 2014

How is it done?

First, we go through pieces mentioning your company and other entities (stakeholders), select the relevant items and categorize them, for example by region. Then we calculate stakeholders’ media weight and integrated loyalty coefficient. The former is done by analyzing how active a role stakeholders play in your media coverage and in what capacity – primary, secondary or brief mention - they are covered alongside your company.

The degree of stakeholders’ loyalty is determined by analyzing their comments about your company and/or brand to see if they sound disengaged, interested or formal. The motives communicated in their comments are also taken into account.

For your convenience and to save you time, all this information is put into a report with easy-to-read charts and graphs so you can instantly see the important points and act on them right away.