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News Digest

News Digest is a summary of key industry/market news to help you keep up with the overall situation, spot trends and follow major developments. This is essential if your company works on a strategy to enter a new market or needs to adjust existing strategies.

How is it done?

News Digest is compiled by hand only. Our analysts make a list of outlets for comprehensive monitoring to fit your needs best. To keep News Digest short and to the point, brief mentions and reprints/similar reports on the same stories in smaller outlets are discarded.

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News Digest is helpful in:

  • keeping abreast of the industry/market situation;
  • following changes and trends;
  • getting the latest news on leading companies in the industry, their influence and positioning.

News Digest can be delivered weekly or monthly, depending on your needs. It also contains analysis of the coverage with visuals (graphs and charts) to highlight important points and minimize time reading it.