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Media Image Analysis

Media image is how a company, person or brand is viewed by society. Formed as a reflection of their positioning and certain characteristics in the media, among other things, it is a version of reality that the media serve to the target audience.

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Why do you need your media image analyzed?

Analysis of your media activities provides you with a tool to develop a system of KPIs to evaluate your PR performance and see if your image needs adjusting. It can also be useful in:

  • evaluating the media presence of your company and/or brand and/or other entities and persons over a specific period of time;
  • evaluating your PR performance, including tracking press releases, seeing how fast information spreads and how much it gets distorted, and evaluating interest from the media;
  • tracking coverage (volume, scope, etc.);
  • monitoring negative coverage and evaluating its objectivity;
  • identifying sources of certain opinions about your company and/or brand and investigating their motives; and
  • planning for contingencies that would require adjusting coverage on the regional and national level.

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How is it done?

A media image can form and exist without the company’s or person’s direct participation, which is why we analyze both the views and opinions they cultivate and spontaneous content generated by media outlets on their own. This helps paint the full picture showing their real media image.

We gather data manually and using software, and analyze them with an emphasis on the following:

  • types of stories and media presence;
  • level of media interest;
  • reach;
  • top stories;
  • number of mentions;
  • tone and positioning;
  • negative coverage; and
  • quotes.

The results of the analysis and our conclusions are put in a detailed but concise report with charts and graphs offering all the necessary information and our recommendations on ways to adjust your media policy. You can choose any period of time for analysis, depending on your needs.

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