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Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is an important tool for PR analysis and market research. It can be done on a regular basis or for a specific project. What you get as a result of monitoring depends on what you need it for, including getting a sense of your brand’s position in the media, state of the market and your media activity, tracking key trends, measuring PR performance, etc.

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PR News offers not mere clippings, but a comprehensive analytical approach to media monitoring. We can monitor any outlet you need and do it by hand if you need to track something specific and not miss anything.

We offer the following formats:

  • monitoring of Russian media, including TV and radio, newswires (open and restricted feeds), regional and national outlets across various trades and specialties;
  • monitoring of social media by tracking posts and comments on social media, message boards, blogs, consumer review sites, image and video hosting services, geolocation services and Telegram channels;
  • monitoring of print media, including popular glossy publications and obscure specialty newspapers and magazines.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from the following six formats of monitoring and comprehensive media analysis we offer:

  • Media Report: follow the latest news and mentions of your company with links to full articles and summaries to track interactions with customers and sentiment, keep track of developments in the industry/on the market and your reputation in the media;
  • News digest: keep track of the market situation, spot trends and gather information about industry leaders, their influence and positioning;
  • Press Review: follow coverage in open-access outlets of a person, group of persons, company or event; this is akin to reconnaissance to help get a full picture of something or somebody you may be interested in, such as a blogger or competitor;
  • News Coverage of the Day: get the latest key news about your company or brand in a specific context to keep track of its media activity and PR performance, and to compile news round-ups for the management.
  • Crisis Monitoring: keep an eye on crises reported in the media to be able to predict risks, and quickly come up with a strategy to manage them and minimize risks;
  • Event Calendar: get an organized list of industry events to help with planning your own functions. With it, you can avoid overlapping with other important industry affairs, and coordinate participation in events and collaboration with partners in a timely fashion.