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Media Monitoring

Media monitoring and press clipping are important parts of PR analysis and any serious market research. Quality monitoring requires more complex work than just following what is reported by the media. Media monitoring is about identifying the place your business occupies in the collective consciousness and professional environment and evaluating media activities of your key rivals, current trends and business, financial, political and social factors. It is not limited to just media monitoring and press clippings which serve as the basis for comprehensive analysis required to collect and evaluate bits of information to understand the current situation and prospects.

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PR News offers media monitoring services for all regions of Russia. We also provide media monitoring for other countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. - on request.
Monitoring of the following is available:

  1. National and regional print outlets;
  2. National and regional online outlets and news agencies;
  3. National and regional TV and radio stations;
  4. Social media;
  5. Ad in print publications;
  6. Back search/retrospective monitoring.

Our Advantages

More than 10 years of experience
in media monitoring and analysis
Own archive
of glossy and specialty periodicals (over 400 publications)
International client service
and in-house English translation
International standard of service
and extensive expertise
Customized media lists
formats and delivery schedules
Fast service
monitoring services available the day after confirmation
Monitoring of all types
of media in Russia & CIS
Special prices
for FIBEP members

The two things needed to start monitoring are the context (a list of keywords) and a list of media outlets. The context is determined jointly with the client during discussions of the monitoring format. We offer monitoring of all available media outlets and, as an advantage, we can compile a restricted list of outlets to best suit the client’s needs for the same price. We offer an extensive media database including glossy, men’s, women’s, lifestyle, IT, health and other outlets. Monitoring of any outlet not included in our database is available on request. Monitoring results are presented in a structured report with easy navigation and search. Reports can be delivered as frequently as needed and in any format, standard or customized. We also offer coverage summaries and translation into English by staff translators with knowledge of the media.

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Media monitoring services offered by PR News are designed to help identify with high accuracy a company or brand’s standing with various groups including consumers, competitors, partners, public organizations and government.