About website

Prnews.ru is an online portal for posting and sharing corporate information.

Prnews.ru is:

  • an information system offering companies a venue for posting press releases and subscribers a newsfeed.
  • a tool for distribution and real-time monitoring of cooperate information.


  • a database of PR contacts for registered companies
  • multi-criteria press release search (by title, topic, issue date, company)
  • manual search for and editing of information
  • mailout subscription for previews/full press releases.

The audience of prnews.ru is comprised of employees of national and regional media outlets, Russian and foreign companies.

Press release is a modern effective marketing tool offering companies a combined opportunity to distribute information and promote their image. Issuing press releases to share significant news and developments has long become a rule in the corporate world. Even in the absence of major news and developments companies should consider posting press releases on a regular basis, given that the costs of writing a press release are minimal and there are free posting opportunities and the benefits of getting another mention of the company in the media could be significant.

Even free-of-charge press release postings can lead to an article about your company in business publications, on news websites and popular blogs. With journalists always hungry for news, they are often happy to use any well-written press release. This is especially true for areas they specialize in – you just post about your news, a move to new offices, a contract bid, staff expansion or an executive appointment and a good journalist will see enough reason to mention your company in their news report or analytical piece.

What is press release? How to make several paragraphs of text a PR tool that will work for you for a lengthy period of time and at a minimal cost? Where to look for examples that meet the latest standards and trends? Is there a database offering a large number of up-to-date posting opportunities? Contact us at your convenience to find answers to these questions. Until then, here is a rundown of the basic principles.

Press release is a short (up to a page) written communication reporting information for the press. Press releases are written and distributed by press offices and spokespersons for large companies, government agencies, individuals, cultural and art institutions. In the business world, a press release is written information about a product or service that is distributed to get publicity. It is important to remember that a press release is easier to do than a presentation and shorter than minutes of a press conference, for example, but all these tools share similar functions.

The internet offers ample posting opportunities. A press release can be posted to thousands of websites, reaching a huge audience. As any mailout, a press release offers material for journalists to write an article and also promotes a product or service directly to consumers. The latter is especially important because press releases offer more credibility than advertisements.

For companies, posting press releases to a regularly updated database creates an information advantage that can be translated into profit. News communicated via press release – and the media use press releases to report news - can translate into new contracts for construction companies and new customers for insurers and financial firms. We offer a platform for press releases with a wide audience including journalists and editors of business, trade and general interest media outlets. Additionally, we offer press release subscriptions to keep you abreast of the latest developments in business, government and other areas before they are reported by the media. On our website we also offer the latest information and tips on how to write press releases to assist you in creating quality and interesting communications.