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Reputation audit

What is reputation audit and how can it increase your company’s value?

Every company possesses a certain intangible asset that can impact its value. This asset is reputation and the perception of the company formed by interested parties or stockholders through messaging and actions of the company, its competition, political and social environment. The better it is, the more popular and valuable the company is.

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Why do you need it?

The goal of reputation audit is to have the results of your PR and marketing communications examined. We analyze how target audiences receive your messages and whether they interpret them correctly. This is something that many factors play into. Essentially, reputation audit allows you to look into the heads of stakeholders to understand their sentiments, behaviors and stereotypes, gauge their engagement, and identify points of growth, potential risks and messaging opportunities.

Effective management of your brand’s reputation enables you to build trust, win market dominance and grow your company’s value.

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How is it done?

Before we start, we sit down with you to discuss what aspects of your communications need analyzing and what tasks you want to accomplish. As part of the audit, we:

  • analyze your PR concept, specifically, whom you want to convince of what, and monitor media coverage to see how your campaigns are realized;
  • conduct polls and interviews, and use other tools to see what audiences feel and how they interpret your messages;
  • formulate the perfect reputation profile to see how your company and the competition stack up against it; and
  • identify risk areas, and suggest potential areas of growth and performance benchmarks to watch.

Our Awards

Gold AMEC 2021
AMEC team of the year 2021
SABRE Awards 2021
Eventiada IPRA, Silver Mercury
AMEC Awards 2020 Gold and Bronze
AMEC Awards 2017
Gold Quill 2016
AMEC Awards 2016
Digital Impact Awards 2015
AMEC Awards 2015
AMEC Awards 2014

What do you get as a result?

You are provided with a visualization of key parameters in a format of your choice, including:

  • qualitative and quantitative analysis of how audiences perceive your messages and view your company and/or brand and their reputation;
  • understanding of the degree of loyalty of your existing customers and whether they would recommend your company and/or brand to their partners (NPS);
  • an accurate assessment of your company’s and/or brand’s strengths and weaknesses versus the competition;
  • your reputation index, calculated as the average or the sum of key reputation criteria adjusted for value;
  • constructive plan of action to achieve your desired reputation.

Reputation audit helps develop an effective communication strategy and see how audiences view your company and/or brand and what adjustments you need to make to your PR efforts.