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KPI Monitoring

Key performance indicators (KPIs) help measure the effectiveness of a company’s PR team or a PR campaign and see if targets are achieved and processes are optimal. KPIs can be used to measure almost anything, including loyalty of audiences and changes in their behavior. By monitoring KPIs, you make sure that tasks are completed and strategic targets are achieved. Additionally, it helps improve customer loyalty, spot patterns and trends and adjust them, and even reduce business process costs. As a result, you ensure that you set goals that you can realistically achieve.

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How a KPI monitoring system is organized?

We develop a KPI monitoring system based on your communication goals and tasks and in compliance with the AMEC Framework, using both criteria specific to your goals and aggregate metrics for maximum effect.

Each area of PR efforts is examined using a special list of criteria. We select measurable KPIs that are tied to specific goals across 2-3 levels:

  • communication channels;
  • target audiences; and
  • business outcomes.

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For instance, when analyzing media coverage, we monitor reach, share and tone of pieces communicating key messages. When evaluating the impact of such coverage on target audiences, we examine their knowledge of brands.

As a result, you get a report in one of the following formats:

  • Scorecard – a list of indicators with graphics, providing a brief record of relations between targets and results.
  • Dashboard – a report with more indicators than the scorecard updated daily or as often as you need.
  • Report – a full analytical report with graphics, ideas and recommendations, including on steps to improve your KPI system.

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