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Master Classes

Aside from doing communication research, PR News shares its knowledge and practical experience with others, including in the form of classes for individuals and companies.

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Corporate master classes offer an intensive learning format, including lectures on PR, marketing and advertising, and work in groups to practice new knowledge. We design our master classes for your specific needs, sometimes from scratch. They immerse you in the inner workings of communication research, teach you to monitor and analyze large sets of data, interpret them, draw the right conclusions, and solve your company’s problems.

Our Advantages

More than 10 years of experience
in media monitoring and analysis
Own archive
of glossy and specialty periodicals (over 400 publications)
International client service
and in-house English translation
International standard of service
and extensive expertise
Customized media lists
formats and delivery schedules
Fast service
monitoring services available the day after confirmation
Monitoring of all types
of media in Russia & CIS
Special prices
for FIBEP members

Master classes are available online and in person in the following formats:

  • Lecture – the most popular format, it takes 30 to 120 minutes and is designed for groups of 10-20 people. A lecture includes segments on the basics of media monitoring and analysis, our insights, case studies, how you can use this knowledge and to what ends.
  • Work in groups goes deeper and takes more time, about 4 hours on average. We develop an individual plan for each group session that includes segments on theory and practice. For the latter segment, class takers are divided into groups of 30-50 and assigned problems to work on.
  • Strategic session is a 100% personalized format to work on specific problems. For instance, if you come to us to learn searching for insights and picking the right KPIs, we will design a class specially for you from scratch to:
    • show you how to develop a communication evaluation system and find out what metrics and KPIs are best for your company;
    • teach you to use media monitoring and evaluation systems effectively;
    • work on your problems, identify your mistakes, and share algorithms and approaches to solving them;
    • show you how to use data to find insights, test hypotheses, and compile concise and easy-to-read reports;
    • provide ample opportunity for your employees to practice new knowledge and skills; and
    • compile tests and mark them, and work together with your employees on their mistakes.

If you wish to see what your employees have learned and how well, we can compile and administer a final test. Tests are designed for an unlimited number of takers.

Our Awards

Gold AMEC 2021
AMEC team of the year 2021
SABRE Awards 2021
Eventiada IPRA, Silver Mercury
AMEC Awards 2020 Gold and Bronze
AMEC Awards 2017
Gold Quill 2016
AMEC Awards 2016
Digital Impact Awards 2015
AMEC Awards 2015
AMEC Awards 2014