Media monitoring

Media monitoring and press clipping are important parts of PR analysis and any serious market research. Quality monitoring requires more complex work than just following what is reported by the media. Media monitoring is about identifying the place your business occupies in the collective consciousness and professional environment and evaluating media activities of your key rivals, current trends and business, financial, political and social factors. It is not limited to just media monitoring and press clippings which serve as the basis for comprehensive analysis required to collect and evaluate bits of information to understand the current situation and prospects.


in EURO Press Internet Radio TV Social media
Monthly fee up to 10 keywords (for one order) if single medium is monitored € 40 € 40 € 40 € 40 € 40
Monthly fee up to 20 keywords (for one order) if single medium is monitored € 60 € 60 € 60 € 60 € 60
Monthly fee for backsearch up to 10 keywords (for one order) if single medium is monitored € 50 € 50 € 50 € 50 € 50
Prices per material Press Internet Radio TV Social media
Press scan (pdf file), internet link (per piece), alert (for TV and radio) € 2,5 € 2,5 € 2,5 € 2,5 € 2,5
Digital file with RTV material (avi) – 10 minutes length of material     € 30 € 30  
Transcript of broadcast RTV (for 1 minute)     € 15 € 15  
Short English summary (2-3 sentences) € 4 € 4 € 4 € 4 € 4
Headline translation into English € 1 € 1 € 1 € 1 € 1
Full English translation of the material - Price per translation of a normal page (1800 signs with spaces) € 20 € 20 € 20 € 20 € 4
Circulation € 1 € 1      

Media monitoring is an important part of any serious Western company’s marketing policy. In Russia too, more businesspeople realize the importance of keeping up with business and political news and track activities of existing and potential competitors. This is why media monitoring is increasingly becoming an essential marketing tool. Media monitoring can be universal and targeted, depending on your needs.

Types of media monitoring:

  1. Monitoring of a client’s coverage to help them promptly react to negative press and for further reporting;
  2. Competition monitoring as a market intelligence tool;
  3. Market/industry news monitoring for keeping track of trends, regulatory changes, etc.;
  4. Back search/retrospective monitoring for annual reporting;
  5. Advertising monitoring to help compare the client’s and its competition’s advertising budgets and track advertising activities of distributors.
  6. Crisis monitoring offers a set of tools to minimize fallout including scandals and hostile campaigns in traditional and social media.

PR News offers media monitoring and analysis services across Russia, from Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and for Eastern and Central Europe.

We monitor national and regional print and online outlets and newswires.


Monitoring regional outlets is crucial to identifying strategic marketing goals for both small regional and large companies which seek to expand their business. It is especially relevant in Russia whose size requires that companies pay attention to different parts of the country when planning marketing activities.

Monitoring of online and print outlets, including regional ones, is a major part of comprehensive marketing research, providing one of the most objective sources of information for PR analysis.

For comprehensive analysis, we also monitor social media to track developments in the blogosphere in Russia and abroad.

The two fundamentals of media monitoring is context (keywords) and media list. The context is determined jointly with the client during discussions about monitoring format.

Our media list includes top glossy, men’s, women’s, lifestyle, IT, health and other outlets. We also monitor outlets not on our least on demand. Regional media help paint a comprehensive picture and newswires allow for tracking original sources of information.

Monitoring results are presented in a structured report with easy navigation and search. Monitoring reports can be delivered as frequently as needed and in any format. We offer standard and customized reporting formats. Additionally, we offer coverage summaries and translation into English (done by on-staff translators with knowledge of the media).

Media monitoring services offered by PR News are designed to help identify with high accuracy a company or brand’s standing with various groups including consumers, competitors, partners, public organizations and government.