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Monitoring of Rusian media

We specialize in media monitoring in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Media monitoring and press clipping are important parts of PR analysis and any serious marketing research. Quality monitoring requires more complex work than just following what is reported by the media. Media monitoring is the precise identification of your business's position in terms of collective consciousness and professional environment, activities of your main rivals, existing trends and dependence in the business, financial and political life of the Russian society. It is not limited to monitoring of the Russian media and press clippings, which is only a basis for serious analytical work required to collect and review bits of facts in order to understand the situation and prospects in Russian markets.

The emotional characteristics of a company or a brand are very important for reputation audit. Positive or negative media image of the company, the quality and mood of bloggers' comments on the company/brand, and attitude towards it in the professional community are the key factors for the definition of the company's/brand's current reputation. Nevertheless. reputation audit should not be limited only to the emotional factor. The Reputation Institute (an international organisation which has studied corporate-reputation matters and offered professional assistance to companies since 1997) suggests paying attention to other elements of reputation as well:

  • monitoring and analysis of Russian infotainment media
  • monitoring of Russian business media
  • monitoring of Russian banking media
  • monitoring of advertisements, including those on the Internet, in specialty print publications, etc.
  • monitoring of Russian on-line media
  • monitoring of Russian national media
  • monitoring of Russian regional media
  • monitoring of Russian glossy magazines
  • monitoring of Russian television and radio shows
  • Our monitoring system has proved to be highly effective helping companies and their clients achieve excellent results in short time.

    Our monitoring center stands ready to keep track, extract, organize required information and analyze it 24x7 and submit it to clients in the form suitable for its further use. This service is available both separately and in a package with PR monitoring and market research services.

    Media monitoring is the tracking of press coverage on a required subject. Two principal elements of media monitoring is the the context (key words) and media database (media list).
    The context of coverage subject to monitoring is determined through discussions of the monitoring format with the client. We monitor Russian national and regional print publications, online media outlets and newsfeeds. Our media database comprises a large number of national publications specializing in various subjects, including men's and women's magazines, lifestyle magazines, IT and healthcare publications and many others. We are also ready to monitor any publication not included in our database at your request. Monitoring of regional media helps get the full picture and tracking of newsfeeds provides the opportunity to identify the original source of information.
    Upon the completion of monitoring we provide a structured report with user-friendly navigation and search options. Reports can be provided to cover any period of time and in any format. We offer both standard and customized reports. Aside from articles found in the course of monitoring, we also offer summaries of articles in English (translated by stuff translators with knowledge of media terminology).

    Main types of media monitoring:

    1. Monitoring of coverage received by the client for prompt response to negative press and for purposes of future coverage reporting;
    2. Competition monitoring helps follow activities of competitors, as part of marketing intelligence support;
    3. Market news review helps understand trends, changes in regulations, etc.;
    4. Archive/retrospective monitoring helps sum up full-year results;
    5. Advertising monitoring helps compare the client and its competition’s advertising budgets and follow advertising activities of distributors.

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